How many hours to study for RRB exam?

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) examination is one of the most competitive in India. Aspiring candidates frequently inquire about the recommended amount of study hours needed to pass this exam. Here’s a thorough guide to help you navigate your RRB exam preparation based on information gathered from numerous sources.

Understanding the RRB Exam

Before delving into the number of hours, it’s critical to understand the format of the Railway Recruitment Board Exam (RRB). The RRB exam is divided into several phases, including the first stage Computer Based Test (CBT), the second stage CBT, Typing Skill Test/Computer Based Aptitude Test (where applicable), Document Verification, and the Medical Test.

Study Hours: Quality Over Quantity

While there is no one size fits all solution, most experts and successful candidates recommend studying for 3-6 hours every day. The key, however, is regular, focused study rather than the quantity of hours studied.

Tips for Effective Preparation

Understand the curriculum and Exam Pattern: Before beginning your preparation, become acquainted with the exam pattern and curriculum. This will provide you with a clear path for your education.

Create a Study Plan: Set aside time each day for each subject. For example, if you work, set aside at least two hours every day for serious study.

Prioritize Topics: Concentrate on high weightage topics and those in which you excel. Gradually progress to more difficult places.

Practice Tests & Previous Year Papers: Take practice tests on a regular basis to gauge your level of preparedness. Analyzing prior year papers will provide you with information about the types of questions asked.

Revision: It is critical to revise on a regular basis. Set aside the last several weeks before the exam for revision only.

Detailed 45-Day Study Plan

Here is a comprehensive 45-day study schedule for the IBPS RRB exam:

Study Schedule

DaysReasoning AbilityQuantitative Aptitude
1SyllogismLearn squares (1-50) & cubes (1-50)
2InequalityLearn shortcuts for Multiplication & Division
3Alphanumeric SeriesLearn formulas for Application sums
4Attend mock test 1 & Reasoning sectional test 1
5Blood RelationApproximation & Simplification
6Attend mock test 2 & Quants sectional test 1
7Weekly Revision 1. Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
8Attend mock test 3 and Reasoning sectional test 2
9Direction SenseQuadratic Equation
10Attend mock test 4 & Quants sectional test 2
11Puzzles Floor BasedInequalities (Quantity based)
12Attend mock test 5 & Reasoning sectional test 3
13Puzzles Box BasedData Interpretation (Table based)
14Weekly Revision 2. Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas.
15Puzzles Month & Days BasedData Interpretation (Line Graph and Bar graph)
16Attend mock test 7 and Reasoning sectional test 4
17Puzzles Year BasedData Interpretation (Pie Chart)
18Attend mock test 8 & Quants sectional test 4
19Order and RankingCaselet and Missing DI
20Attend mock test 9 & Reasoning sectional test 5
21Weekly Revision 3. Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
22Attend mock test 10 & Quants sectional test 5
23Alphabet SeriesMensuration
24Attend mock test 11 & Reasoning Sectional Test 6
25Numerical SeriesMissing Number Series & Wrong Number series
26Attend mock test 12 & Quants sectional test 6
27Seating Arrangement (Circle Based)Probability & Permutation & Combination
28Weekly Revision 4. Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas.
29Seating Arrangement (Square Based)Simple Interest & Compound Interest
30Attend mock test 14 & Quants sectional test 7
31Seating Arrangement (Linear Based with one row)Profit and Loss
32Attend mock test 15 & Reasoning sectional test 8
33Seating Arrangement (Linear Based with parallel row)Average and Problem on ages
34Attend mock test 16 & Quants sectional test 8
35Weekly Revision 5. Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas
36Attend mock test 17 & Reasoning sectional test 9
37Seating Arrangement (Triangular Based)Partnership & Percentage
38Attend Mock test 18 & Quants sectional test 9
39Miscellaneous topics 1Time and Work & Pipes & Cisterns
40Attend Mock Test 19 & Reasoning Sectional Test 10
41Miscellaneous topics 2Time, Speed & Distance & Boats & Streams
42Weekly Revision 6. Revise All topics (Section wise) & Analyze the weaker areas.
43Final Revision
44Mock Tests
45Clear paper

Final Thoughts

While the quantity of study hours is crucial, the quality of those hours is more important. Keep your focus, minimize distractions, and keep in mind that constant effort will generate benefits. Best wishes for your RRB exam preparation!

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